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19″ X 27″ Uncut Sheet of all 55 cards of The Rocket Deck

The Rocket Deck is a deck of playing cards based on Rocket Science and SpaceX. The deck is printed in full-color, on high quality PVC by Parksons Cartamundi.

Rocket Deck Playing Cards was launched as a Kickstarter project which got 380% times funded. Check the Kickstarter project here.

Shipping Worldwide. Expect delivery time of 3-6 weeks.

Have a question? Mail us at: [email protected] or DM on Instagram (@spacetechie).
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The entire deck is themed on Rocket Science and SpaceX. Each Individual suits are sub-themed as follows:-

Hearts: Rocket Science Concepts

13 cards on various fundamental concepts related to Rocket Science. 3 of them shown below.

Hearts Rocket Deck Playing Cards


Clubs: Epic Orbital Rockets 

13 cards on epic orbital rockets of the world. Priority is given on the type of payload and any extra-ordinary features. 3 of them shown below.

Clubs Rocket Deck Playing Cards


Spades: Renowned Scientists and Innovators

13 cards on renowned scientists and innovators who have made significant contributions to the field of Rocket Science. 3 of them shown below.

Spades Rocket Deck Playing Cards

Diamond: SpaceX, Falcon 9 and Falcon Heavy

13 cards dedicated to Falcon 9, Falcon Heavy and various others tested works of SpaceX. 3 of them shown below.

Diamond Rocket Deck Playing Cards


Just in case you got friends(!) who are flat-earthers. You got one card for them! And one card for a person whom we all love a lot – Elon Musk!

Jokers Rocket Deck Playing Cards


We wanted the cards’ backside to share the story of the evolution of rockets. A trio of past, present and future images is what we came up with.


This is what you will get in your hands


  • 100% plastic (PVC), 310 GSM, 290 microns, Premium printing.
  • Resistance to bending, tear, and water (ensuring long-term life)
  • Front side: Matte finish for good grip.
  • Backside: Semi-glossy, for an aesthetic look.

All this has been discussed with our manufacturing team and actual cards from the portfolio passed the above-mentioned specifications. Feel free to comment/message us for any suggestions or feedback or queries on the above.

Technical Specifications

Have a question? Mail us at: [email protected] or on Instagram (@spacetechie)

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Weight 700 g
Dimensions 68.58 × 48.26 cm


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