The Rocket Flipbook

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The Complete Journey of 2 Rockets β€” Animated!

In the box β€”

  • 2-in-1 Rocket Flipbook, with a protective sleeve cover.
  • Apollo 11 Journey book (100 pages)
  • Falcon 9 Journey book (100 pages)

The Rocket Flipbook is our third product in the series. It is a 2-in-1 flipbook with animation of Saturn V on one side and Falcon 9 on the other.

The complete journey is shown for both rockets: From the launch of Saturn V, to landing on moon and returning back to earth + Launch of Falcon 9, stage separation, landing of first stage and payload delivery.

Flipbook Videos: Falcon 9 and Saturn V (opens in new tab)

The accompanying Journey books, describe the complete journey in detail, covering important events with beautiful images and lesser-known details of the mission.

The Rocket Flipbook was launched as a Kickstarter project which got 142% funded with backers from 9 countries.

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