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Nuclear Power in Space

Nuclear power has been widely used in various fields like electricity production, powering submarines, atomic bombs, medical applications etc.
Phosphine is shaped like a pyramid with three atoms of hydrogen bonded to a single atom of phosphorus.

Is Life on Venus Possible?

Recently, British scientists revealed they had uncovered strong evidence that phosphine – a toxic, rancid gas produced by microbes – exists in the burning, acid-drenched atmosphere of Venus.
The first and second-stage engines of a Soyuz, showing the four RD-107 modules with twin vernier nozzles each, and the central RD-108 with four steerable vernier thrusters.

Vernier Engines — What is it?

A vernier thruster is a rocket engine used on a spacecraft for fine adjustments to the attitude or velocity of a spacecraft. The name is derived from vernier calipers (named after Pierre Vernier).
Raptor Engine

Raptor Engine: Layman Explanation

What is meant by "Full-flow staged combustion cycle" — the one that mighty Raptor Engine has got. The idea of this article is to give you a complete layman's explanation.
ISS Elements

ISS: Assembling the Big Lab

The process of assembling the International Space Station (ISS) has been under way since the 1990s. Zarya, the first ISS module, was launched by a Proton rocket on 20 November 1998.
ISS Blueprint

ISS: How such a big thing was made?

The manufacturing of ISS took a modular approach where different countries and space organisation taking the lead and control in design and manufacturing of each modules, which were ~40 in count.

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