The Solar Deck


After the great success of “The Rocket Deck” (330% funded on Kickstarter), we are now working on a completely new deck. The Solar Deck will be have 4 suits dedicated to various aspects of our Solar System.

Spades: Renowned Scientists and people who contributed in expanding mankind’s knowledge about Solar System.

Hearts: Important concepts related to Solar science.

Clubs: Important Space Probes that enriched our knowledge about Solar system.

Diamonds: Natural objects found in Solar System.

For whom it will be?

The Solar Deck is being designed to inspire students and learners from various STEM fields towards the field of Space, Astronomy and Science. If things like Perseverance rover, Voyager probe, Halley’s comet, Solar Sail, Gravity assists, intrigues you or nudges your curiosity, then the Solar Deck is for you.

When is the launch?

We are currently designing all the cards. We expect to launch within 8 weeks. Each card is being meticulously designed and accuracy of data, grammar and design features. The images on top will also get slightly tweaked in coming days.

Can you inform me upon launch?

Yes! Thank you for your interest. Please add your email below and we will inform you upon launch.
We will send only 3 emails in total. Zero spam promised.
There will also be an early bird discount upon launch.