Uncut Sheet for Solar Deck

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18″ X 28″ Uncut Sheet of all 55 cards of The Solar Deck

The Solar Deck is our second deck in series. These are playing cards based on Solar Science and Exploration. The deck is printed in full-color, on high quality PVC by Parksons Cartamundi.

Solar Deck Playing Cards was launched as a Kickstarter project which got 340% times funded. Check the Kickstarter project here.

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The entire deck is themed on Solar system and exploration. Each Individual suits are sub-themed as follows:-

♠️ Spades: Renowned Scientists and Innovators

#13 cards on renowned scientists and innovators who have made significant contributions to the field of Solar Science. They have helped mankind in expanding their knowledge of the solar system. Three of the cards are shown below.

♥️ Hearts: Concepts related to Solar science and exploration.

#13 cards on various fundamental concepts related to the beautiful field of solar science and exploration. Three of the cards are shown below.

♣️ Clubs: Epic Space Probes

#13 cards on epic space probes sent by different countries and space organizations. Priority is given to the probes who achieved something “first” or did something very significant. Three of the cards are shown below.

♦️Diamonds: The complete Solar System

#13 cards covering various components of the solar system. We have tried to cover the various widely-known and lesser-known elements of the solar system. Three of the cards are shown below.



A beautiful design highlighting the evolution of the Solar system makes a very elegant backside of the cards.



  • 28 inches x 18 inches sheet
  • Printed by: Parksons Cartamundi
  • 100% plastic (PVC), 300 microns, Premium printing.
  • Resistance to bending, tear, and water (ensuring long-term life)
  • Front side: Matte finish for good grip.
  • Backside: Semi-glossy, for an aesthetic look.