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A 104-pages companion book for The Rocket Deck +

A 104-pages companion book for The Solar Deck

There are two pages of content for each card of the deck. The written content expands upon the illustrations of the card.

Size: 132 mm x 95 mm Β (5.2 inches x 3.75 inches)

#Pages: 104

Suits of spades (Renowned figures):–

  • A mini-biography of each person

Suit of hearts (Rocket science and Solar Science):-

  • Elaborate explanation on each card, including derivations and examples wherever possible.

Suit of clubs (Famous Rockets and Famous Probes):-

  • A bit of history, design, and features of the rockets and probes.

Suit of diamonds (SpaceX and Solar System):-

  • Technical aspects in the case of SpaceX, in Rocket Deck.
  • Discovery, significance, and unique properties of the celestial bodies, in the Solar Deck.

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